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A first Look at Rewarded Surveys with BitLabs

This article will give you an idea why rewarded surveys with BitLabs are a good choice for monetizing your service.
Written by Ben Asbach
Updated 6 months ago

Here's why you will love to use rewarded surveys in your app!

Monetization using ads has become a necessity for most apps, as users are generally very unlikely to complete in-app purchases. In fact, on average it's only 5% of users! With the app stores taking a cut of that, you are left with only a fraction of what rewarded advertising can get you. Advertising yields higher rewards, but often comes at a greater hidden cost: Your user's attention is often lead to competitors apps & services. The implementation of Rewarded Surveys will fix both of these problems! Rewarded surveys maximize profits with significantly higher eCPM than rewarded videos, let alone banner ads. We are here to monetize the 95% of users that choose not to make a purchase in your app. On top of that, less users can be lured away from your app to competitors, as our surveys are encouraging users to complete them for an ingame reward they are looking forward to.

What does BitLabs do for you?

In short, we bring rewarded surveys to your app. Sourcing from the world‘s biggest survey platforms, our AI matches each user with fitting surveys to complete. BitLabs implements this process seamlessly into your app, resulting in continous maximized revenue for a set and forget effort by the development team.

Let's take a look at what your users will see!

First things first, we check for some basic interests of your user to be able to match them with a survey they are interested in. If you are using our Offer Wall, the users are given a choice of surveys with different topics and durations, so they are not left in the dark on what they get and how long it will take to get it.

Did you know that rewarded surveys also help with user engagement and satisfaction? Watching a video just to get some ingame coins can be tedious. It interrupts the flow of using an app, as it makes you passively stare at the screen for a minute. Rewarded surveys keep users in the flow of doing something, and BitLabs makes sure they'll be answering questions on something they like to talk about anyways.

Once the user has completed the survey, they are presented with a reward in form of a virtual currency and value of your choice.


This is the place where you can customize the appearance, virtual currency and conversion rates to fit your service. This way BitLabs is integrated seamlessly into your app just like you would want it to do.

Our Dashboard will also give you an insight on the revenue earned and valuable information about user behaviour. It helps you gather valuable information for in-app economy design and gives great insights on how to increase your earnings further. Most importantly, its minimal design gives you all the information you need on first sight so you can focus on other things.

Sounds interesting to you? Here's some good news! There is no hidden cost of service or set up fees. Just a short email will do, we will set you up with an account and you can implement BitLabs right away! 

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