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Server-to-Server Callbacks

Written by Ben Asbach
Updated 1 month ago

When a user completes a survey we send a callback. For this purpose, you can enter a URL with the desired parameters. 

All optional tags that are specified are automatically attached to the callback.

At the end of each callback, we append a "&hash=[HASH]".
This hash consists of a HEX encoded SHA1 HMAC.
The whole URL is hashed with the secret key of the App.



Callback URL: "https://publisher.com/complete?uid=8cc877ee-af19-488d-b28d-216fb866b996&val=500"
App Secret: "JLOIAUNMHFli7ZJOQVEzm98rzqnm9"
Hash: "dbcd6bb8ca677344592842a52b4fca9bec36cd4b"

Final Callback sent to the publisher:




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